AUS Women's Rugby Major Awards

Most Valuable Player - Rookie of the Year - Coach of the Year - Student-Athlete Community Service Award

Most Valuable Player

Year Player Year Player
2000 Deanna Bennett, StFX 2010 Tyson Beukeboom, StFX
2001 Shannon Atkins-Gillis, UPEI*
Brenley Bennett, Mt. Allison*
2011 Tyson Beukeboom, StFX
2002 Danielle Goulet, StFX 2012 Tyson Beukeboom, StFX
2003 Genevieve Gay, Saint Mary's 2013 Emilie Chiasson, Acadia
2004 Andrea Burk, Acadia 2014 Emma Taylor, StFX
2005 Andrea Burk, Acadia 2015 Joanna Alphonso, StFX
2006 Ghislaine Landry, StFX 2016 Joanna Alphonso, StFX
2007 Ghislaine Landry, StFX 2017 Joanna Alphonso, StFX 
2008 Ghislaine Landry, StFX 2018 Laura Pfleiderer, Acadia
2009 Ghislaine Landry, StFX 2019 Monique Coffey, Acadia 

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