AUS Men's Hockey Major Awards

Most Valuable Player - Rookie of the Year - Coach of the Year - Godfrey Award - Most Sportsmanlike Player

The Godfrey Award (Dr. Randy Gregg Award Nominee)

Year Player Year Player Year Player
1978-79 Wilfred MacDonald, UPEI 1992-93 Vojtech Kucera, Saint Thomas 2008-09 Marc Rancourt, Saint Mary's
1977-78 Louis Lortie, UPEI 1993-94 Scott MacDonald, Dalhousie 2009-10 Kyle Bailey, UNB
1976-77 Tom Savoy, StFX 1994-95 Dan Leblanc, StFX 2010-11 Kristopher Westblom, Acadia
1979-80 Ross Yates, Mount Allison 1995-96 Andy Clark, Mount Allison 2011-12 Kyle Bailey, UNB
1980-81 Kevin Gaudet, Moncton 1996-97 Steve Martell, StFX 2012-13 Jordan Knox, UPEI
1981-82 Tom McDonnell, Saint Mary's 1997-98 Mark Alexander, Dalhousie 2013-14 Murdock MacLellan, StFX
1982-83 Brian Gualazzi, Dalhousie 1998-99 Brad Peddle, StFX 2014-15 Rob Slaney, StFX
1983-84 Roch Bois, Moncton 1999-00 Mike Weatherbie, Saint Mary's 2015-16 Nathan Chiarlitti, StFX
1984-85 Harvey Mapplebeck, Acadia 2000-01 Dylan Taylor, UPEI 2016-17 Eric Locke, StFX
1985-86 John Bekkers, StFX 2001-02 Steve Gallace, Saint Mary's 2017-18 Randy Gazzola, UNB
1986-87 Francois Sills, Moncton 2002-03 Dan Tudin, Dalhousie 2018-19 Randy Gazzola, UNB 
1987-88 Claude Gosselin, Moncton 2003-04 Chris Stanley, Dalhousie 2019-20 Liam Maaskant, Acadia
1988-89 Mike Volpe, Saint Mary's 2004-05 Pat Grandmaitre, StFX 2020-21 No Season / Covid-19
1989-90 Claude Gosselin, Moncton 2005-06 David Chant, Saint Mary's 2021-22 Matt Welsh, Saint Mary's
1990-91 Derrick Pringle, Dalhousie 2006-07 Colin Sinclair, UNB 2022-23 Matt Welsh, Saint Mary's
1991-92 Chris Somers, UNB 2007-08 Dan Rudisuela, Saint Mary's 2023-24 Alec Bélanger, Dalhousie
Donated by Mount Allison Old Sports Association in 1977, this award is given to the Atlantic University Sport men's hockey player who best represents the spirit of intercollegiate hockey by his leadership on and off the ice and by his gentlemanly conduct throughout the season. The recipient exhibits outstanding achievement in three areas: hockey, academics and community involvement.

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