AUS Women's Hockey Major Awards

Most Valuable Player - Rookie of the Year - Coach of the Year - Student-Athlete Community Service Award
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Top Defensive Player

Most Valuable Player

Year Player Year Player
1999-00 Guylaine Haché, F, Moncton 2013-14 Alexa Normore, F, StFX
2000-01 Tasha Noble, F, Saint Mary's 2014-15 Alexa Normore, F, StFX
2001-02 Tasha Noble, F, Saint Mary's 2015-16 Kelty Apperson, F, St. Thomas
2002-03 Kerrie Boyle, F, Saint Mary's 2016-17 Sarah Bujold, F, StFX
2003-04 Lindsay Taylor, F, Saint Mary's 2017-18 Daley Oddy, F, StFX
2004-05 Lindsay Taylor, F, Saint Mary's 2018-19 Katryne Villeneuve, F, Moncton
2005-06 Courtney Schriver, F, Saint Mary's 2019-20 Tyra Meropoulis, F, StFX
2006-07 Mariève Provost, F, Moncton 2020-21 No Season / Covid-19
2007-08 Brayden Ferguson, F, StFX 2021-22 Shae Demale, F, Saint Mary's
2008-09 Kathy Desjardins, G, Moncton 2022-23 Kendra Woodland, G, UNB
2009-10 Mariève Provost, F, Moncton 2023-24 Lillian George, F, UNB
2010-11 Mariève Provost, F, Moncton    
2011-12 Alexa Normore, F, StFX    
2012-13 Alexa Normore, F, StFX